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Philip Nathan

I have been an active member at Joust for about 2 and half years, and my time spent here has been incredible.

In October of 2013, I participated in my first Crossfit class. I knew very little about Crossfit, and had no idea what to expect. All of my previous experience associated with gyms and physical fitness involved machines, and free weights, pools, treadmills, and basketball courts. When I walked into Joust, I didn’t see any of that. There were plenty of weights stacked up, jump ropes, squat racks, and pull-up bars, but Joust didn’t look like any place that I’d ever worked out in.

It’s very important to note that it had literally been years since I set foot in a gym. I had to learn and re-learn skills that were either unfamiliar to me or just hadn’t been used in quite some time.

As a result, per the Joust coaching staff’s expert advice, I took it easy in the beginning, focusing on executing movements properly. The individual attention that I received and still get is something that you can’t acquire anywhere else. Since beginning my fitness journey, I have visited other ‘boxes’, but none of them place as much emphasis on technique and safety in EVERY class like they do at Joust. As a result, in 2 and a half years I’ve been able to acquire skills that people who have been doing this longer than me are still trying to get. I’ve been able to go from working out with an empty bar, to pushing around weight that folks much bigger and more experienced than me are able to lift.  

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not about competition or ego; it never has been. It’s about training and constantly improving surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded people. I could never gloat or brag about my performance in the gym, but I can be proud of how far I’ve come, and where I continue to travel. Of course, none of that growth would’ve been possible without the help and guidance of the incredible staff and community at Joust!



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Important: Joust Strength + Fitness is an addictive, fun, loving community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts like yourself. We take complete responsibility for your positive attitude toward life long goals that include but are not limited to: healthy living, more energy, excitement towards exercise and most of all fun! You've been warned.