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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensities.

In other words, we believe in supporting our own bodyweight at all costs and using movements that are commonly seen and used in everyday life (squats, push-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts, presses, running, etc). We use three different training modalities in each of our 60 minute CrossFit classes.

These modalities include gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio respiratory movements and activities. With these three types of movements we can create a different, constantly varied workout every time you come to Joust; always keeping your body guessing and always moving you towards greater health and fitness results.

These workouts are often times performed at high intensities, forcing your body to adapt and become stronger and faster. Your workouts will never become boring or stagnant again!

CrossFit is designed to be performed by anyone and everyone

Every movement and activity we perform in class can and will be scaled by our knowledgeable and expert coaching staff. We will accommodate for all skill levels and will help each individual progress at their own pace. Most importantly, CrossFit is community. In each of our 60 minute classes you will be surrounded by a group of like minded individuals all working towards common goals and showing motivational support.

Our coaches will be there for you every step of the way, keeping you motivated and pushing you towards greater results!



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Important: Joust Strength + Fitness is an addictive, fun, loving community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts like yourself. We take complete responsibility for your positive attitude toward life long goals that include but are not limited to: healthy living, more energy, excitement towards exercise and most of all fun! You've been warned.