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Weekly Rundown September 25-30

Hey Jousters!

This week will be week #3 in our current 6 week goals cycle. We’ll be bumping up the wall-sits to 30 seconds after each standard warm-up. We’ll knock out front squats for strength on Monday and shoulder presses on Wednesday, following our linear progression by increasing loads and decreasing repetitions from previous weeks. Our barbell clean skill work will once again be on Tuesday with an EMOM 8, working on combining each position in the barbell clean with a 3 position clean.

We’ll start this week of WODs off with a 30-20-10 countdown of push-ups and toes to bar on Monday with a double-under kicker. Tuesday we’ll conquer 4 rounds for time of a row/bike and burpee + box jumps. Wednesday will be a dumbbell interval day with some cardio on top. Our active recovery Thursday will be several rounds for time of cardio, core and gymnastics movements. We’ll wrap the week up on Friday with a partner AMRAP 16 with a row/bike cash out and a “Kind of Karen” WOD on Saturday!

Have a triumphant week of training and move closer to fitness virtuosity!



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