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Weekly Rundown September 18-23

This week we will have our seconds Bring a Buddy Day of the month on Thursday, September 21st. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to any class that we offer on Thursday.

Please have your friends/family email [email protected] before attending class.

Welcome to week #2 Jousters!

This week will be week #2 in our current 6 week goals cycle. We’ll knock out our strength work this week with front squats on Monday and deadlifts on Wednesday. Our post warm-up progression in wall sits will bump up to 20 seconds. Our specific skill work in barbell cleans will be completed on Tuesday in the form of an EMOM 10 working on the tall and above the knee hang positions to help increase our second pull efficiency. 

We’ll kick the week off of WOD’s on Monday with 6 rounds for time of dumbbell power snatches, pull-ups and double-unders. Tuesday will be a cardio interval day. Wednesday will be several rounds for time of a little bit of everything. Our Bring a Buddy Day on Thursday will involve an AMRAP 20 of push-ups, ball slams and sit-ups with some cardio combined. We’ll wrap the week up with several AMRAP 5’s on Friday and a “Grace is on the Run” WOD on Saturday. That’s a wrap on this rundown Jousters.

Have a fantastically awesome week of training and continuing to pursue fitness excellence!



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