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Weekly Rundown October 9-15

Hello Jousters!

This week we have a new yoga class starting on Thursday, October 12th from 4:30-5:15pm. Join our newest yoga instructor Faith Bradley through some focused yoga/mobility work.

Join us for our first wine and mobility night this Friday, October 13th from 7:30-8:30pm. Bring your favorite bottle or box of wine and a friend/family member as we work on our mobility and enjoy some wine and socialization. Glasses will be provided.

This week will be week #5 in our current 6 week goals cycle.

We’ll bump up the post warm-up wall-sit by 10 seconds, bringing us to 50 seconds after each standard warm-up. We’ll take a break from our regular strength work in front squats and shoulder presses/deadlifts, instead we’ll work on overhead squats on Monday and a barbell complex on Wednesday.

We’ll kick the week off of WODs with a max effort gymnastics WOD on Monday with some cardio added. Tuesday we’ll conquer coach Robbie’s birthday WOD! Wednesday we’ll tackle a barbell complex followed by 5 rounds of box jumps, swings, kettlebell deadlift + high pulls and some cardio. Our active recovery Thursday will be an AMRAP 20 involving wall ball cleans, wall ball sit-ups and running. We’ll wrap the week up with a for time WOD on Friday and “Annie found a dumbbell” on Saturday.

Have a fantastic and focused week of training and working towards your fitness goals!



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