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Weekly Rundown October 30-November 4

Happy first week of goals Jousters!

This week will be week #1 of our new goals cycle.

Our new goals will be:

Strength: Complete 1 strict pull-up or increase by 20% or more
Skill: Complete 1 pistol each leg or increase by 20% each leg
Mobility: Hamstrings and ankle emphasis

To push us towards improving our pull-ups and pistols we’ll be including more pull-up and single leg work in class over the next 6 weeks. We’ll be working on pistol progressions every Wednesday in class and we’ll follow a pull-up progression on Mondays and Fridays to help you all get one step closer to pistol and pull-up success! We’ll also be following a post warm-up progression over the next 6 weeks to take our single leg strength to the next level! 

In addition to our pistol progressions, our mobility work will emphasize the hamstrings and ankles over the next 6 weeks which will help to reduce any pistol mobility weaknesses which will help to increase the chances of accomplishing a pistol.

Not interested in completing a pistol? No problem, there will be plenty of scaling options available for you which will also help to increase single leg strength and stability while also helping to identify any weaknesses you might have from one leg to another.

In addition to the pull-up and pistol work we’ll also be re-starting our strength work this week as well; following a back squat cycle every Tuesday and a shoulder press or deadlift progression every Monday. The WODs will stay constantly varied and intense as always.

We’ll kick the week off on Monday by getting a baseline test of our max strict pull-ups and pistols each leg followed by a cardio and bodyweight WOD involving the basics. Tuesday will be a day for back squats for strength followed by several AMRAP 5’s of box jumps with a core and dumbbell snatch buy-in. Wednesday we’ll tackle some pistol box progressions followed by a hang power clean and cardio countdown WOD. We’ll have a very active recovery Thursday this week with “The Ghost” WOD. We’ll kick Friday off with day #1 of our pull-up progression followed by 3 AMRAP 4’s involving a barbell and lateral bar burpeese. The week will be wrapped up on Saturday with the Hero WOD “Loredo”.

Have a great week of kicking off our new 6 week goals and continuing on the path to functional fitness excellence!




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