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Weekly Rundown October 2-7

This week we will have our first Bring a Buddy Day of the month on Thursday, October 5th. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to any class that we offer on Thursday.

Please have your friends/family email [email protected] before attending class.

This week we’ll be diving into our 4th week of our current 6 week goals cycle. Our wall-sits will bump up to 40 seconds after each standard warm-up. Our strength work will once again be completed on Monday with front squats and Wednesday with deadlifts, once again increasing weight and decreasing repetitions. Our skill work in the barbell clean will be on Tuesday with pause squat cleans as well as squat cleans in the WOD.

We’ll kick the week of WODs off on Monday with AMRAP 4’s involving renegade rows, dumbbell push presses and double-unders. Tuesday will be an EMOM 20 involving squats cleans, ring dips, and some core and cardio work. Wednesday will be 8 rounds for time with box jumps, dumbbell hang power snatches and step-ups. Our Bring a Buddy Day WOD on Thursday will be an active recovery “Tabata”. We’ll wrap the week up with an AMRAP 20 on Friday and a “Power Nancy” WOD on Saturday. 

Have an excellent week of striving for fitness excellence!






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