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Weekly Rundown November 13-18

This Saturday, November 18th will be our 2017 Barbells for Boobs event from 9-11am. There will be NO regularly scheduled classes this day.

Please join us as we bring our 2017 fundraising campaign to a close.

We will complete 3 named Girl workouts starting at 9:30am with heats for you to sign-up in (completing the workout is optional but encouraged). 

There will also be $1 raffle tickets for purchase throughout the event for a chance to win Barbells for Boobs and Joust swag and other goodies. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards our Barbells for Boobs grand total. 

Friends and family members are welcome to attend and spectate.

Hope to see you all there!

This week will be week #3 in our current 6 week goals progression. We’ll bump up the post warm-up single leg wall-sit to 12 seconds each leg this week. Our strength work will be on Monday with deadlifts and Tuesday with back squats, increasing loads and decreasing repetitions slightly from our previous weeks. Our skill work/practice in pistols will come in the form of an EMOM 20 on Wednesday this week. Our strict pull-up progression will once again be on Monday and Friday.

We’ll kick the week off for WODs with a countdown/count up WOD on Monday involving hang power cleans and burpee box jumps. Tuesday will be a 21-15-9 countdown of dumbbell push presses, pull-ups and some added cardiorespiratory activity. Wednesday will be an EMOM 20 involving pistols, sit-ups and swings! Our active recovery Thursday will be an AMRAP 20 of double-unders, wall-sits, shoot-throughs and farmer carries. We’ll wrap the week up with a partner WOD on Friday and Barbells for Boobs on Saturday!

Have a fantastically awesome week of training and working towards accomplishing your fitness goals!



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